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Take what may be the world’s most popular and addictive game with you anywhere! Test your skills and your luck. Choose Klondike or Vegas Solitaire. Authentic game play. Easy-to-use, 3″ x 2″ LCD screen. Stylus for easy entry. Fully illuminated – play anywhere! Put an end to boredom with two engrossing games that fit in the palm of your hand. Safety warning: This product contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for young children.

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Card Games Categories Collectible Trading Card Games Games Toys & Games Upper Deck

Play exciting Texas Hold `Em Poker with six computer players! Real casino action, voice and sound effects – right in the palm of your hand! Includes a glossary of all the popular poker terms plus a rule guide to the game. Easy-to-see LCD Screen! Shows you the odds of winning with your first two cards just like on TV! Play with six players! Choose limits and even go “all in”! Clear displays lets you see your cards easily. Fold, check, call, bet, and raise – just like a real casino game of Texas Hold ‘Em! From a fledgling, high-stakes poker marathon with just two players in the summer of 1949, the idea of an ultimate World Champion of Poker has grown into a cultural phenomenon involving 2,576 players in the 2004 World Series of Poker No-Limit Texas Hold `Em Championship at the famous Horseshoe® Casino in Las Vegas. The whole world watched on TV as the winner scooped up the final pot of more than $25,000,000 in chips and walked away with the $5,000,000 prize fund and the world title. Now you can play the most popular poker game in the world any time, with the official World Series of Poker Texas Hold `Em electronic handheld version! The World Series of Poker® , Horseshoe® and World Champion of PokerSM are trademarks of Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc. Used by permission. This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.

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Gandalf encounters the Balrog in the under-mountain Caves of Moria. The result is a fantastic duel of their magical powers on a small bridge over a deep chasm. Here, players replay that duel with the help of cards, which have magical symbols on the left and right, representing the strength of the adversaries. The symbols on the cards represent the offensive (right) and defensive (left) strengths of the adversaries. Each unblocked symbol is lost energy for that player. This strategy card game is for two players and takes about a half hour to play.

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Arrakis. Dune. Desert Planet. The Great Houses have all turned their eyes toward Dune, the harsh wasteland that is the only source of the Spice. You, too, struggle to take control of the most valuable substance in the universe. Whether you choose to fight on the CHOAM exchange, the floor of the Landsraaad, or the drifting sands of Arrakis itself, expect treachery, danger, and the unknown at every turn. Dune is a collectible card game set in a universe of galactic intrigue, shifting alliances, and ancient prophecies at last coming to fruition. This Spice Pack contains 15 cards to help you realize your great ambitions on Dune!

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Draw cards and race to build jitterbugs Talking Bug Hunter delivers lots of laughs Match bug pieces and hunt for fun details Perfect for quick fun at home or on the go Includes electronic Squawkbox and 70 illustrated Bug Hunt cards., Recommended age group: 7 – 12 years, Manufacturer: Cranium

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Penciled by KOI TURNBULL

Fighting alongside Captain America’s renegade forces, the Black Panther and Storm embark on a mission of unprecedented importance to the war. Everyone — we mean everyone — will be there. 32 PGS.

CGC stands for Certified Guarantee Company, and is the first independent, impartial, expert third party grading service in comics. Each CGC comic book is carefully graded by an expert, using industry-accepted standards, and sealed in a special airtight case to preserve the quality of the comic. These comics are intended for collectors and are not intended to be opened and read.

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