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It’s the Quick Slappin’ Color Matchin’ Game! Players get rid of their cards as quickly as possible by slapping down matching colors. Each playing card is divided into 3 sections. A section may have a solid color, a 2-color striped pattern, or a multi-colored striped pattern. The object is to play a card from your hand so that the colors match on the middle section and one end section. If a card section has a 2-color striped pattern, either color may be used to make a match. If a card section is multi-colored, any of the colors may be used to make a match. The first player to have just one card left, is the winner. It’s an exciting race to the finish in this fast-slapping, color-colliding frenzy of fun! Comes with 90 cards and game instructions. For 2 – 5 Players, Ages 8 and Up.
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